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Our methodology

Your interest is ours. In this sense, we effectively optimize your time by seeking to optimize the financial conditions of your project.

The project in 5 steps

Your interest is ours. In this sense, we effectively optimize your time by seeking to optimize the financial conditions of your project. For this, we methodically follow a process.

  • Definition of the project

  • Definition of the project

  • Analysis, modeling and economic valuation of the project

  • Analysis, modeling and economic valuation of the project

  • Matchmaking

  • Matchmaking

  • Negotiation and project coordination

  • Negotiation and project coordination

  • Closing

  • Closing

1. Preparation of the documentation

We undertake to establish all the necessary documentation for each opportunity in order to comply with the mergers and acquisitions standard and to avoid any amateurism detrimental to the success of your project.

Information Memorandum

We prepare a structured information memorandum for each client. The purpose of this document is to provide through presentation of your company and its project and to inform and guide potential counterparties. It structures and articulates all financial performance and meets industry standards, advancing the first step in any transaction to be taken.

Valuation report

We establish a valuation report based on all financial elements, especially on a business plan we help you to build. This technical document allows us to determine the value of your business or target (as part of buy-side mandate) using 3 different valuation methods. It is essential to justify the valuation and serves as the professional basis for any negotiation with counterparties.

Pre Data Room

We prepare and organize a digital pre data room, which is a protected virtual space where your company and targets’ confidential information are gathered as part of a transaction. These are available to you and certain investors during predefined phases of the transaction process, subject to your consent and the signing of a confidentiality agreement.

2. Preparation and implementation of the matchmaking process

That you are a buyer, a seller or an investor, our desire is to find you the opposing party best suited to your project.

Provision of our entire network

Widoowin CF has, in addition to its own, a vast network of Partners and Ambassadors around the world that enhance the potential of finding counterparties for its clients' projects. All these networks will be called upon when needed to ensure the success of your project.

A unique screening and filtering of our database

Widoowin CF has developed the “M&A System™”, an expert software package notably equipped with a unique matchmaking and filtering function facilitating the providing of relevant selections of potential counterparties.
This feature allows us to get the most out of our network for your project.

A controlled matchmaking process

The presentation of any company to counterparties and investors has to follow the standard and the specific process and steps of the mergers and acquisitions sector. We are experts in this field and have dedicated management tools at our disposal for this purpose, as well as a team fully invested in this process, which is essential to the success of any operation.

3. Support until the closing of the transaction

We ensure that the entire transaction takes place in the best possible conditions, according to your specifications, until the final signature.

Negotiation and valuation

We lead the negotiation with the counterparties, defending your valuation as part of a sale or fundraising mandate, our goal is to obtain a letter of intent to launch the due diligence process.
As part of a purchase or joint venture mandate, we support you in the negotiation in order to lead to the signing of a pre-agreement allowing the start of a full due diligence.

Support during the due diligence phase

The documents necessary for the due diligence will be prepared and made available during the documentation phase.
Our mission during this phase will be to assist you by coordinating with legal firms, accountants and potential experts.

Final negotiation and closing

We are more than ever by your side during this final stretch, assisting and guiding you in these closing negotiations. We offer you an objective look and expertise on the various final transaction documents prepared by lawyers thanks to our extensive experience in carrying out transactions. Rest assured of our commitment to assisting you until the signing and completion of your project.