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Why and how raising funds?

Raising funds allows you to accelerate your growth by consolidating your equity and increasing your investment capacity.

You may recognize yourself in one of the following scenarios :
• I have market opportunities but I do not have sufficient production capacity
• I have a growth in my activity but I have cash flow tensions due to my need in funds
• I want to recruit salespeople and finance my working capital requirement

The current banking system does not finance your need in funds or certain investments. In these 3 examples, a Fundraising in Equity (Capital) will allow you to deploy a greater investment capacity in order to support the growth of your company.

  • Greater investment capacity
  • Dilution and risk sharing
  • Consolidate the balance sheet of the company which will reassure its customers and suppliers

We support you throughout the entire transaction, from the valuation of your company and your project to the search for stakeholders (private equity, family office and investment funds). We defend your interests until closing.

Why and how to sell a company?

A company director is to be brought to asks questions about his company’s sell (retirement, desire for change, desire to join a bigger group).The sustainability and enhancement of its work and its investments will remain its main objectifs.

The first question to ask is: To who can I sell my company?

We support our clients from the definition of their transmission strategy because the project will be radically different between:

  • Sale to a private investor
  • Transmission to the company’s employees
  • Transfer to a competitor or supplier
  • Sale to a financial (family office or investmend funds)

Well-mediated sale’s advantages:

• Competition between skateholders makes it possible to maximize the price target
• The defense of your interests from the forts exchanges with the buyers allows not to waste time with inadequate projects
• Having a projetc’s conductor allows to shorten the deadline of the project
• Support from the beginning to the end of your project allows you to focus only on the important phases of the negotitations and frees up your time to continue to run your business

How to sell a company and what is the interest?

The growth strategy of companies does not necessarily pass only from organic growth. The acquisition of companies (or external growth) can target different objectives :

• Diversify
• Extend geographically
• Reach certain thresholds (turnover and/or profitability and/or balance sheet total)
• Acquire skills
• Enter new markets

To do this, you must first build an acquisition strategy, then identify the targets, contact shareholders and managers, carry out an in-depth analysis with a view to formulating a complete offer that will be accepted.

Once the exclusive negotiation period has opened, a coordinating role for the various stakeholders (bankers, auditors, lawyers, accountants, etc.) is essential to ensure the success of the operation.


  • Save time in the acquisition process
  • Stay focused on your business
  • Optimize the chances of successful negotiation by avoiding intuitu personae

We accompany you at each stage of this process, from the development of the project to the valuation of the target and the coordination of the various negotiations, we defend your interests until the closing.

What is a joint venture and how does it work?

The merger of companies can bring solutions until unconsidered. Indeed, sometimes business leaders wish to merge without necessarily selling their shares.

We support you in the entire transaction, from the valuation of your company and your project to the search for stakeholders. We defend your interests until closing.


  • Pool resources (sales, techniques, know-how, markets, etc.)
  • Strengthen companies' equity without necessarily opening up capital or generating new debt.
  • most often immediately develop client portfolios and therefore increase revenues

Why and How organize an OBO?

Some company managers or shareholders may wish realize a part of their liquidity without giving up their decision-making/management power within the organization. The reduction of their risk and the valuation of their work remains the main objective of this type of operation.

We accompany our clients throughout the project, from the set-up to the search for funds, including the valuation, in order to their daily is not disrupted.

The main advantages of the operation:

  • Potentially generate 7 years of dividends at once
  • Reorganize your organization or your capital to prepare fiscally and financially to a potential future session
  • Allows you to bring in a financial investor to better value your company