Widoowin CF is committed to its customers

We make every effort to provide you with the keys to successfully complete your project. We assume that every detail is essential to the successful completion of your transaction and therefore leave nothing to chance.

  • Dealmaking Process
We are committed to managing all stages of our clients' transactions and to always acting in their best interest : from preparing the background documentation necessary to present the opportunity to potential counterparties and providing guidance during the negotiation phases, up to assisting you with the final closing of each transaction.
  • Search for counterparties
We are committed to soliciting our entire network in order to suggest companies or potential investors in line with your search for investment, sale or raising of capital. We will support you throughout your discussions with these potential counterparties in order to manage the relationship.
  • Our expertise and know-how
We are committed to putting our team of experts and our financial engineering solutions at your service in order to carry out your project. Our experience and recognized expertise in this sector ensure you are assisted by a professional team at all times and prevent an amateurism which could harm your project.