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Widoowin and M&A System™ democratizes M&A

Widoowin CF launches M&A System™ and democratizes access to M&A for companies, entrepreneurs and accounting and savings professionals.


07 November 2022


Widoowin CF launches M&A System™ and democratizes access to M&A for companies, entrepreneurs and accounting and savings professionals

Backed by the Widoowin financial advisory group, Widoowin CF is an independent M&A and Corporate Finance advisory boutique. Created by recognized professionals in the sector and specializing in advice on disposals and acquisitions, fundraising and joint ventures, Widoowin CF is now associated with Laurent Dorpe, designer and founder of the M&A System™, and is opening its first office in Hong Kong. This merger is an opportunity to launch a brandnew Partners program, in order to make the M&A profession accessible to companies, entrepreneurs, as well as to figure and savings professionals.

An obvious alliance to project the M&A profession into a new dimension

Jean-baptiste David, CEO of Widoowin CF

Widoowin CF is headed by Jean-Baptiste David, who has 15 years of business development experience with Pastel & Associés and LCF Rothschild. Building on its success in France, Widoowin CF now wishes to become a key player in the merger and acquisition sector and develop its brand internationally. For this, the transition to the digitization of business networks and the digitization of the profession are essential.

Laurent Dorpe, founder of M&A System

Based in Hong Kong and Shanghai since 2004, Laurent Dorpe has more than 30 years of experience in the banking, insurance, international business development and investment sectors. Former Chairman of Edmond de Rothschild Asia Limited in Hong Kong and former CEO and founder of Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity China, he is also the CEO of M&A System™ and the designer of the eponymous software. The latter was designed with the aim of developing a new approach to the M&A business, particularly in the context of its digitalisation. Laurent Dorpe has, in recent years, tested a new business model based on the creation of a network of Partners.

With the aim of developing M&A System™ on a larger scale, particularly in France, Laurent Dorpe approached Widoowin CF. The agreement with the co-founders, Jean-Baptiste David and Mario Da Silva, was immediate. Their entrepreneurial DNA, as well as a sharing of values and vision, make it possible today to achieve their common ambitions. The creation of Widoowin CF Hong Kong and the association of Widoowin CF in M&A System™ took place simultaneously, in July 2022, to finalize the development and design of the software, the launch of which is scheduled for November 2022.

A unique digital tool to revolutionize the M&A sector

M&A System™ is expert software for the M&A business, designed to optimize contact management and transaction workflow. It is both a CRM dedicated to this very specific business, as well as a tool for managing mandates and monitoring operations. M&A System™ is also equipped with a decision support function that allows to submit M&A mandate opportunities in a few clicks. The objective of this software is to develop a business model and a different approach to the M&A business, but also to make it accessible to as many people as possible. M&A System™ is also a tailor-made tool for digitizing networks, which opens the doors of merger and acquisition to new players. It offers, in fact, the possibility of managing and connecting a network of Partners, making accessible to entrepreneurs, professionals (wealth management advisers, accountants or even insurers), as well as to their customers, thousands of investors and financial institutions from all sectors.

Widoowin CF’s project with M&A System™ is to develop traditional M&A codes by:

  • The creation and development of a network of Partners both in France and internationally.
  • The opening of Regional Advice Centers in France to eventually reach 10 regions (Widoowin CF is already present in Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon and Paris), but also internationally with a first office in Hong Kong and soon in North America.
  • The deployment of M&A System™, this central digital tool which enables the transition to the digitization and digitization of data, as well as the industrialization of networking.

To give figures and savings professionals access to M&A

Widoowin CF aims to unite a large number of professionals (chartered accountants, auditors, insurers, wealth and asset managers), who have no answer to provide to their clients in terms of M&A operations. The latter submit on the M&A System™ the opportunities for mandates for the sale, acquisition or fundraising of the companies they represent. They take care to provide all the information necessary for the evaluation of the file; this operation only takes a few minutes thanks to a standardized process.

This first step makes it possible to improve the flow of information and to qualify the real opportunities. When a mandate is signed, the Widoowin CF teams then manage, on behalf of their Partners, all the phases of a transaction for their clients. Of course, they undertake to strictly respect the property of their Partners’ customers, as well as the confidentiality of the information entrusted to them.

For their part, the Partners receive a referral fee for any mandate signed with one of their clients, to which is added a success fee for each transaction concluded. Beyond simplifying their access to the dealmaking market, digitizing and monetizing their network, this system strengthens their position as experts with their customers. The benefit is obvious: not only do the professionals provide a solution to their clients who wish to carry out an M&A operation, but they are also developing their activity in a new vertical, thanks to an expert and trusted partner. Widoowin CF thus hopes to sign 200 mandates per year in the medium term and convince 1,000 Partners to commit to its side over the next 3 years.

“The arrival of Laurent Dorpe in the Widoowin CF team, as well as the relevance of his M&A System™ tool, will allow us to make M&A accessible to entrepreneurs in all sectors, as well as to professionals who are currently far from it. This positioning, as well as the choice to be a pioneer in the transition to the digitization of corporate networks, will make Widoowin CF a must in the M&A sector in the future and will allow us to develop our brand internationally,” says Jean-Baptiste David, Chairman of Widoowin Group and Co-founder of Widoowin CF.

About Widoowin CF

Widoowin CF is a company made up of M&A experts, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The WCF team supports entrepreneurs at all stages of their professional life, whether in development or in a transfer phase. WCF attaches great importance to the entrepreneurial project and wishes to help companies manage their transition in the best conditions for their customers and in the interest of the common good. Its missions require significant resources in terms of information provided by M&A System™, but also in terms of human resources. Its teams of experts are present locally, in each of its advice centers, to best support the operations entrusted to them.