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Laurent Dorpe, CEO of M&A System takes the lead of Widoowin CF Asia

Laurent Dorpe, CEO and founder of M&A System™, joins Widoowin CF and also takes the lead of Widoowin CF Asia


10 November 2022

Laurent Dorpe, CEO and founder of M&A System™, joins Widoowin CF and also takes the lead of Widoowin CF Asia

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience in the banking, insurance, international business development and investment sectors, Laurent Dorpe has held senior positions in the world of finance, notably within the Edmond de Rothschild bank in France and Asia. Today CEO and founder of M&A System™, he joins forces with Widoowin CF, an independent French M&A advisory boutique, backed by the Widoowin Financial Advisory Group. This alliance gives birth to Widoowin CF Asia, based in Hong Kong, and is also materialized by WCF taking a stake in M&A System™.

A seasoned entrepreneur, expert in international finance

In addition to mastering all aspects of international finance, Laurent Dorpe has extensive knowledge of Asia, where he has been operating since 2004. He worked mainly in Shanghai and Hong Kong until 2018, when he settled permanently in Hong Kong. This experience will be invaluable for developing Widoowin CF’s business in this region and for cross-border operations.

Laurent Dopre, CEO of M&A System™️

Before joining the Edmond de Rothschild Group, Laurent Dorpe was Managing Director of Personal Financial Services at American Express Bank in Paris, before becoming Global Head of Sales for these services and also Commercial Director of CORTAL, the first online bank in France. He joined Banque Edmond de Rothschild in 2000 (LCF Rothschild) to create and manage e-Rothschild, a pioneer in online private banking, until 2003. He then served as Chairman of Edmond de Rothschild Asia Limited in Hong Kong and founded and managed Edmond de Rothschild Private Equity China based in Shanghai. Laurent Dorpe is also a serial entrepreneur: founder of Easy Life Services in Shanghai, of Club 1888 in Hong Kong and of Caution Directe in France.

Very involved in the world of mergers and acquisitions since 2013 and passionate about information systems, Laurent Dorpe has conceptualized and developed a unique solution for the digitalization and modernization of this business. This gave birth to the company M&A System™ of which Laurent Dorpe is the CEO and founder. His ambition: to revolutionize and democratize access to the M&A world.

A merger with Widoowin CF to revolutionize access to M&A

Laurent Dorpe’s decision to partner with Jean-Baptiste David and Mario Da Silva, the co-founders of Widoowin CF, stemmed from his desire to deploy his company M&A System™ more widely, particularly its eponymous solution, which he also designed.

This expert software is presented as a CRM dedicated to the M&A business, but also as a tool for managing mandates and monitoring transactions. Associated with a Partners program, M&A System™ opens the doors of M&A to the players in the accountancy and savings industry (chartered accountants, auditors, insurers, wealth and asset managers).

A complete device that projects the world of mergers and acquisitions into a new era and comes to meet the dual ambition of Widoowin CF: to expand internationally, with the opening of a first subsidiary in Hong Kong, but also to make the transition to the digitization of corporate networks and the digitalization of the M&A business.

By welcoming Laurent Dorpe on board, the financial advisory boutique, specialized in M&A, becomes in turn a shareholder of M&A System™. The 3 managers now aim to develop, especially in France, the software, and the associated Partners program, in order to invite companies and professionals of the figure to embrace the opportunities around M&A. Widoowin CF thus hopes to sign 200 mandates per year in the medium term and convince 1,000 partners to commit to its side by 2025.

“I began working on the development of the M&A System™ back in 2018. The software, at the heart of the system, aims to maximize M&A transaction opportunities by automating the matching of supply and demand. Around it, I initiated a Partners program that I now want to deploy more widely, in order to benefit as many companies and finance professionals as possible. To do this, I was looking for a solid player in Europe and, more particularly, in France. The agreement with Jean-Baptiste David and Mario Da Silva, co-founders of Widoowin CF, was immediate. We share common values and a common vision of M&A and its evolution. Our ambitions are aligned, and we are looking forward to launching, initially in France, our Partners program around the M&A System™ technology from next November” says Laurent Dorpe, CEO of Widoowin CF Asia and CEO & Founder of M&A System™.

About Widoowin CF

Widoowin CF is a company composed of M&A experts, created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. The Widoowin CF team accompanies managers at all stages of their professional life, whether they are in development or in a phase of transfer. Widoowin CF attaches great importance to the entrepreneurial project and wishes to help companies to manage their transition in the best conditions for their clients and in the interest of the common good. Its missions require important resources in terms of information brought by M&A System™, but also in terms of human resources. Its teams of experts are present in proximity, in each of its consulting centers, to best support the operations entrusted to them.

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