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IJA makes an OBO to secure its position in the legal training sector

Institut Juridique d'Aquitaine makes an OBO to support its growth and anticipate its future.


22 June 2023

Institut Juridique d’Aquitaine makes an OBO to support its growth and anticipate its future.

Leader in legal assistant training The Institut Juridique d’Aquitaine is an organization that trains future assistants whose vocation is to work in the legal professions (lawyers, judicial commissioners, notaries). Founded in 2002 and based in Bordeaux, the institute proposes state-recognized training courses certified to RNCP level 5 (equivalent to Bac+2). With its flexible approach, the IJA offers face-to-face, semi-face or distance learning courses, tailored to the specific needs of its learners.

Its expertise resides in its collaboration with seasoned professionals who teach all courses. Over the course of 9 months, students benefit from the theoretical knowledge of these experts, complemented by a validating internship. IJA’s strength lies in the very DNA of its creation: to deliver training that is as much judicial as legal, in line with the day-to-day expectations of professionals in the sector and enabling the rapid professional integration of its trainees into legal assistant positions.

Ensuring the continuity and success of the IJA

Bénédicte DEL RISCO and Géraldine MARIOTTE are both founders and associate directors of IJA. Their common wish was to secure and anticipate their retirement, but also to consolidate their structure to develop it in new directions. This is why Widoowin CF was mandated by the directors to support them in an OBO operation.

As the only school on the market dedicated to the legal assistant profession, IJA’s business is booming, and its structure, cash flow and profitability are sufficiently healthy for this type of transaction.

This OBO will enable IJA to expand its offering with new training courses for other regulated professions, in an ever-changing market. The founders remain involved in the company, ensuring a transition and continuity in the quality of the training provided by IJA.



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