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BATIXEL joins a National Group

BATIXEL has enjoyed steady development since its acquisition. Today, the two directors are selling the company as part of their retirement.


18 October 2023


Taken over in 2018 by the Brousse couple, BATIXEL has enjoyed a steady growth since its acquisition, with an average annual growth rate of 11%. Today, the Executive Board are selling the company as part of their retirement.

BATIXEL specialist in joinery trade and installation

After acquiring the Bergerac-based company BATIXEL, Catherine and Christophe Brousse quickly opened a second facility in Périgueux to strengthen their presence in the Dordogne region.

BATIXEL, which now employs 22 people, has prospered thanks to a family business model and a strong team autonomy. In 2022, the company, a member of the UNIVERTURE network, achieved a turnover of € 7 million, with a normative EBITDA rate of 12%. Its reputation in the sector is built on the quality of its expertise and customer service.

In view of their retirement, the company directors have appointed Widoowin CF to assist them in the process of selling 100% of their shares.

A buyer at the heart of a Build-Up business

Olivier Lopez, head of GROUPEMEN – and President of the UNIVERTURE network – quickly positioned himself as a buyer in this transfer operation. GROUPEMEN’s expertise and strategic vision convinced the sellers to choose this offer, which provides employees with the best possible conditions for coping with the crisis affecting the construction sector.

For its part, BATIXEL, thanks to its strategic position in the renovation market, has strengthened the purchaser’s confidence in this operation. The company will continue to operate in the Dordogne region under GROUPEMEN’s supervision. The two entities share a common vision and values, enabling a smooth transition and a promising future.

About Widoowin CF

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