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A new acquisition for the Pharma-Recherche Group

The Pharma-Recherche Group continues its build-up strategy and completes the acquisition of Monin-Chanteaud Laboratories


09 October 2023

Pharma-Recherche Group continues its build-up strategy and completes the acquisition of Monin-Chanteaud laboratories.

An external growth strategy with a second strategic acquisition

Pharma-Recherche Group, previously the owner of well-established brands Bio-Recherche and Vegemedica, recently expanded its footprint in the dietary supplements industry by acquiring Monin-Chanteaud Laboratories. This acquisition, finalized on September 15, 2023, marks a major milestone in the group’s evolution.

Pharma-Recherche Group was founded by Robert Nahmani following the sale of Richelet Laboratories to Merck in the 2000s and has been led by his son, Antoine Nahmani, since 2019.

In 2020, Pharma-Recherche Group carried out its first external growth operation with the acquisition of Vegemedica Laboratories, specializing in phytotherapy.

In 2023, the establishment of Scientific Nutrition & Cosmetics, a holding company of Pharma-Recherche, Vegemedica, and Monin-Chanteaud, fits into a build-up strategy. The two main objectives are to capitalize on synergies between the different entities and to structure the group for further operations.

Synergies and growth opportunities

The acquisition of Monin-Chanteaud Laboratories is not merely an expansion of the portfolio but a strategy aimed at capitalizing on commercial synergies and the local presence of each company.

Monin-Chanteaud Laboratories will benefit from Pharma-Recherche’s extensive experience in promotion and distribution. By integrating Monin-Chanteaud Laboratories, Pharma-Recherche strengthens its expertise in prescription dietary supplements, thus expanding its offering and market reach.

These synergies promise substantial growth, with an expected revenue of over 9 million euros over the next five years.

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